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Created 6-May-09
Modified 22-Mar-14
WELCOME to the 'ABSTRACTS' group of galleries/collections from Blakeley Images, LLC !

Each separate gallery contains its own type of images; collections gather together images from many galleries.

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This ABSTRACTS group of gallery folders captures, in each of its galleries, different types and sources of interesting and beautiful abstract views:
  • Water Reflections (from sun or surroundings onto water surfaces)

  • Forms & Outlines (of various imaginary or real objects)

  • Textures & Patterns (from all manner of animal, vegetable, and mineral items -- at various scales of size)

At the very end of this group is a collection folder [ Abstracts: Selects ] containing some of the best photos/images from all the galleries within the ABSTRACTS group.

Abstracts: Water Reflections

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Created 19-Aug-09
Modified 19-Aug-09
Abstracts: Water Reflections

Abstracts: Forms & Outlines

Visitors 29
4 photos
Created 21-Aug-09
Modified 21-Aug-09
Abstracts: Forms & Outlines

Abstracts: Textures & Patterns

Visitors 15
38 photos
Created 27-Sep-10
Modified 27-Sep-10
Abstracts: Textures & Patterns

Abstracts: Selects collection

Visitors 9
2 photos
Created 20-Jul-09
Modified 20-Jul-09
Abstracts: Selects collection


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Created 23-Mar-14
Modified 23-Mar-14