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This ARTISTIC SELECTS collection represents some of the most artistic photos and other images available from Blakeley Images, LLC. A collection gathers together images from across many galleries. The Title of each image (for example, 'NAAP0008') uniquely identifies an image across all galleries (and collections) and provides an easy reference label for e-mail messages and other correspondence.


THUMBNAILS VIEW (sequence of thumbnails)
  • select a thumbnail page number at the bottom of the display to scroll through the thumbnails by pages, OR choose 'Show All'
  • click a thumbnail to begin scrolling through the individual images (see STATIC IMAGE VIEW below)
  • click the 'slideshow' button at the top of the display to automatically scroll through the images (see DYNAMIC SLIDESHOW VIEW below)
STATIC IMAGE VIEW (manual scrolling)
  • click the NEXT or PREV button (or the associated thumbnail) at the top-right of the display to manually scroll through the images
  • OR, use the arrow keys for NEXT and PREV
[Click the 'ARTISTICS SELECTS collection' phrase at the top-left of the display to return to thumbnail view]
  • cursor to the bottom of the display to access slideshow controls
  • cursor over the white-to-black vertical strip at the right of the display to choose the background against which the images are displayed
  • cursor over the caption icon to control the display of captions
  • A series of thumbnails (associated with the slideshow controls) reveals where you are in the slideshow
[Click the 'X' at the top-right of the display to return to thumbnail view]