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Created 6-May-09
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WELCOME to the 'NATURE' group of galleries/collections from Blakeley Images, LLC !

Each separate gallery contains its own type of images; collections gather together images from many galleries.

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This NATURE group of gallery folders captures, in each of its galleries, glimpses of different types of interesting, complex, unusual, and beautiful things from nature:
  • Animals & Pets (of all kinds -- from wild animals to domestic pets)

  • Insects (of all sizes, shapes, and colors)

  • Flowers & Plants (of many forms/colors, from many places)
  • Leaves & Trees (from many locations -- featuring autumn-colored leaves and single-tree profiles)
  • Landscapes & Views (from mountains and open fields, to sunsets and sunrises)
  • Gardens (from formal and informal, to wild and unkept)
  • Clouds & Skies (of all shapes, under many conditions, and evoking varying moods)
  • Beaches & Oceans (displaying sand, water, birds, fish, people, and more)
  • Lakes & Streams (from small to large, shallow to deep, hidden to open)

At the very end of this group is a collection folder [ Nature: Selects ] containing some of the best photos/images from all the galleries within the NATURE group.

Nature: Animals & Pets

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Created 19-Aug-09
Modified 19-Aug-09
Nature: Animals & Pets

Nature: Insects

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Created 14-May-09
Modified 14-May-09
Nature: Insects

Nature: Flowers & Plants

Visitors 24
95 photos
Created 24-Nov-09
Modified 24-Nov-09
Nature: Flowers & Plants

Nature: Leaves & Trees

Visitors 12
26 photos
Created 24-Nov-09
Modified 24-Nov-09
Nature: Leaves & Trees

Nature: Selects collection

Visitors 6
7 photos
Created 20-Jul-09
Modified 20-Jul-09
Nature: Selects collection


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Created 23-Mar-14
Modified 23-Mar-14