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This "STORY CHANCES" collection represents a set of individual photos and other images that each suggest the beginnings of a story that could be developed for newsletters, magazines, books, or any medium of publication. A collection gathers together images from across many galleries.

The basic idea is that the photo or image could be combined with words (and perhaps other photos and images) to construct a story -- starting with the text of the caption of the displayed photo or other image. This idea is often called a "story seed" in writer and publisher circles.

If you are interested in the development of a story based upon one of the photos or other images within this collection (or from within any of the groups or galleries), please send an e-mail message to
and he will be delighted to discuss possibilities for licensing the copyrighted image or images. He is also available to assist in the beginnings of a manuscript that incorporates the licensed material. For more details, see


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